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Northland Association of Pharmacy Technicians

2022 Annual Fall Conference

 September 23-24, 2022

Ramada, Bismarck ND

The difference between TRY and TRIUMPH is a little UMPH!

Come to fall conference and find your UMPH!

Friday, September 23, 2022

4:30 - 5:30                         Registration (Meal will be provided)

5:00 - 5:05                         Welcome

5:05 - 6:05                         Dr. Elizabeth Skoy, PharmD, Associate Professor, North Dakota State University

                                          UAN: 0107-9999-22-252-L04-T    (Application) 0.1 CEUS

                                          Title:  Enhancing the Pharmacy Technician's Roles in Medication Misuse Prevention

1.      Describe current practices and patient awareness of medication storage and disposal options

2.      Identify the pharmacy technicians' role in the prevention of medication misuse

3.      Prepare an action plan to participate in North Dakota opportunities to enhance medication disposal and prevent medication misuse

6:05-7:05                            Michael Schwab, B.S., Executive Vice President, NDPhA

                                           UAN: 0107-9999-22-253-L03-T      (Knowledge) 0.1 CEUS

                                           TitlePharmacy Policy and Regulatory Updates

1.      Discuss current policy and regulatory issues

2.      Discuss the impact of these policies and regulatory issues on the profession of pharmacy

3.      Review anticipated regulatory changes and their potential effect

4.      Describe how pharmacy can be ready for pending changes

7:05-7:15                            BREAK

7:15-8:15                            Dr. Mark Hardy, PharmD, Executive Director, North Dakota Board of Pharmacy

                                           UAN: 0107-9999-22-254-L03-T        (Knowledge) 0.1 CEUS

                                           Title:  North Dakota Board of Pharmacy Updates

1.      Identify recent changes in laws/rules which affect the practice of pharmacy

2.      Discuss potential changes that the North Dakota Board of Pharmacy should consider for improving patient care

3.      Define the ability to comply with changes in rules that the Board will look to implement

4.      Discuss areas of concern found during compliance officer visits in pharmacies

Saturday, September 24, 2022

7:30 – 8:00                          Registration (Breakfast provided)

7:50 – 8:00                          Welcome

8:00 – 9:00                          Ryan Burke, PharmD, Director of Professional Affairs, Pharmacy Technician Certification Board

    UAN: 0107-9999-22-255-L04-T        (Knowledge) 0.1 CEUS

                                            Title:  Preparing for Advanced Pharmacy Technician Roles                                  

1.      Describe advanced roles for pharmacy technicians

2.      Identify opportunities for expansion of pharmacy technician roles and responsibilities

3.      Summarize the regulatory landscape impacting pharmacy technicians’ education, training, and responsibilities

4.      Discuss the role of credentials in pharmacy technician practice

9:00-10:00                           KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Mary Kopp MSN, BSN, RN, Vice President Operations/CNO (retired), Community Bridges,    Inc., HCA Healthcare

   UAN: 0107-9999-22-256-L01-T        (Knowledge) 0.1 CEUS

                                           Title:  Patient Story: My Shingles Journey                                 

1.      Define what Shingles is and how this disease can impact the life of individuals

2.      Identify preventative measures to minimize a Shingles outbreak

3.      Describe ways to educate colleagues on how to minimize a Shingles outbreak

10:00 – 10:15                    BREAK

10:15-11:15                          Tyler Lannoye, PharmD, Director of Pharmacy, Indian Health Service Belcourt, ND

     UAN: 0107-9999-22-257-L06-T        (Knowledge) 0.1 CEUS

     Title Advancing Roles for Pharmacy Technicians: Immunization and Medication Administration in North Dakota

1.      Describe the actual and potential impacts of technician administration of immunizations and medications

2.      Summarize best practices and implementation of immunization and medication delivery

3.      Describe the rules and protocols pertaining to the administration of immunizations by pharmacy technicians in North Dakota

4.      Summarize the training required for pharmacy technicians to administer immunizations and medications in North Dakota

5.      Describe the benefits of the implementation of pharmacy technicians into administration practices  

11:15 – 12:15                   Mary Kopp, MSN, BSN, RN, Vice President Operations/CNO (retired), Community Bridges, Inc., HCA Healthcare

         UAN: 0107-9999-22-258-L04-T        (Knowledge) 0.1 CEUS

                                         Title:  Engagement of Empowerment for Personal and Professional Growth                

1.      Recognize the importance of self-empowerment and the use of these skills in your daily and professional journey

2.      Utilize crucial conversations to assist in recommendations during a difficult encounter

3.      Define steps needed when one does not agree with leadership on a decision made

12:15 – 1:30                          NAPT General Business Meeting (Lunch provided)

 1:30 – 2:30                       Mike Riepl, RPh (retired), Director of Compounding Services, Gateway HealthMart Pharmacy

  UAN: 0107-9999-22-259-L04-T        (Knowledge) 0.1 CEUS

                              TitlePharmAssist Committee Program                                   

1.      Describe the reporting requirement for pharmacy professionals in North Dakota

2.      Describe the function of the PharmAssist Committee Program and its benefit to the impaired individual

3.      List the possible behaviors and signs of impairment

4.      List the possible behaviors and signs of drug diversion

2:30-3:30                            Panel Discussion:  Mandy (Amanda) Chase, RPh Tech, CPhT, Rachelle Allen, Adelle Casavant, RPh Tech, CPhT, Kera Hagen

   UAN: 0107-9999-22-260-L04-T        (Knowledge) 0.1 CEUS

   Title:  Pharmacy Technician Panel Discussion

1.      Discuss how tele pharmacy in a rural hospital setting can positively impact workflow and overall functions of the pharmacy, as well as the overall benefit for patients

2.      Identify roles a pharmacy technician can play in the IV room and the associated benefits of an expanded role

3.      Describe how the utilization of the ONE program impacts the patients/customers

4.      Describe the importance of mentoring within the profession and how it impacts our daily work in the pharmacy

3:30-3:45                            BREAK

3:45-4:45                            Maya Robinson, PharmD St. Alexius Medical Center

   UAN: 0107-9999-22-261-L04-T        (Knowledge) 0.1 CEUS

                                           Title Inclusive Pharmacy Care for LGBTQ+ Patients

1.      Define terminology relating to LGBTQ+ patient care

2.      Describe strategies for inclusive care and effective communication with LGBTQ+ patients.

3.      Recognize various encounters that may occur in the transgender and gender diverse population

4:45                                     Basket Extraordinaire Final Drawing

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